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You Can't Spoil An Infant

How do you raise a child? How do you care for a baby and make sure that you are providing a good home for him? How do you know if you're doing a good job?
I don't have any answers to these questions. Katya and I aren't wealthy and, like everyone tells us, "Babies don't come with a handbook", so trying to find the best way to raise a human being seems like a daunting task.
Which is why I've decided not to stress and worry about all those questions, and simply to give him all my love and affection instead. When he cries, I comfort him. When he's fussy, I entertain him. When he's gurgling and cooing and talking to me, I play with him, and when he's sleepy, I rock him to sleep and make sure he's tucked in and warm in his crib. 
It's impossible to spoil an infant. They are completely dependent on their parents for EVERYTHING. The most they can do is wave their arms and kick their chubby little legs and cry. I don't want Maxim to be stresse…

How Katya Is Becoming More North American Then She Will Admit

Although I consider myself cultured and well-traveled, having lived in far-flung places and experienced a tea ceremony with geishas in Asia and a Tchaikovsky ballet in Moscow, in my heart I'm still North American (at least I'm not American, chuckle chuckle).

This means I enjoy classic rock music, muscle cars, gridiron football and baseball, and barbecuing steaks. As a Canadian I'm also prone to enjoying shitty beer and freezing hockey.

As a Russian, Katya is much more culturally enlightened than I am. She loves classic literature and devours the Russian classics like Dostoevsky and Gogol (she can't stand Tolstoy), but also British classics such as Dickens. She listens to classical music and knows which composer wrote which piece (hint: Zeppelin didn't write any of them), and she always has her eyes open for well-dressed women and admires shoes and sensible yet feminine ensembles, which is a rarity in Guelph.

With me being so Canadian and her being so Russian I was afr…