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One Month With A Baby

**Edit: This post is already 3 weeks old, thanks to Google's Blogger platform deciding to crap out for a couple of weeks. Although I was going to delete it, I decided to stick with it and post it anyways, because one month with a new baby is special.

Today Maxim turned 1 month old. I always made fun of people who, when asked how old their child was, answered with "14 months" or "8 months". Now I get it.

Maxim is absolutely wonderful. He's sleeping in the other room right now, tucked into his soft wool blanky that his great-great-aunt in Australia knit for him. He sleeps with his head to the side and his arms up, bent at the elbow, as if though somebody were sticking him up but he's too cool to care.

He's very inquisitive and stares at his mother and I with big, love-filled eyes that are a dark grey colour. I really hope his eyes don't change but they probably will. He likes to gurgle and hear his own voice, although he's not a cryer. He makes a…