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Baby On The Way

I can't believe that in two-to-three weeks my life will be changed forever. We learned in December that Katya was pregnant, about a week after her Ukrainian grandfather passed away (one life ends and a new begins).

The pregnancy has been a roller-coaster ever since then, although nothing like in the movies. Katya didn't experience any morning sickness, although she was super-exhausted all the time during the first trimester. She had a few bouts of migraines then, too, and spent a lot of time sleeping.

The second trimester was a breeze. She started showing and was recognizably pregnant (although too stubborn to buy maternity clothes). She had no physical problems and the OB declared that she was having a perfectly healthy pregnancy. We also learned that we were having a boy!

We followed the growth of our baby during this stage using some iPhone app that Katya had (which wouldn't sync with my Android, so it was useless to me). We watched him grow from looking like a jelly bean …