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Tim Horton's Has Created a Monster!

Several months ago I wrote a blog post about Katya's first few days in Canada, in which she fell in love with Tim Horton's. You can read it here.

That first introduction to Tim Horton's (AKA "Timmy's" in Canada) was two and a half years ago, and Katya's love for the ubiquitous Canadian chain has only grown since then. When I say grown, I mean REALLY grown. She has fallen victim to some weird additive in their delicious doughnuts and warm, creamy English Toffee Cappuccino. Let me give you some examples of an out-of-control Timmy's addiction:

Yesterday it was a windy and blustery October day in southern Ontario.I finish work at 4 and Katya works until 6. Normally, to save gas, she takes the bus home, but yesterday we were both feeling sick and it was so cold, so I texted her "I'll come pick you up. Just stay indoors until I arrive." to which Katya sent back "OK. I want Timmy's."

On it's own this might be normal, akin to …