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Summer of Pizza

Summer is over and autumn has begun in all but official media release. The trees out behind our place are starting to turn yellow and, for a few leaves, deep red. It's time to look back on the past summer and think about everything I did.

For starters, summer 2014 was an event-filled one for me. A year ago we drove across Canada from British Columbia (stopping over in Edmonton for the summer), and yet that seems more like a footnote to an otherwise interesting life. This summer, on the hand, was marked by the fact that I stayed in one place, yet it is a memorable summer for me.

First, I expanded my business from 1 student in April to 11 students by August, both online and in my "Learning Lounge" classroom. While this 1000% growth in 4 months is exceptional, it came with costs. Website upgrades, facility rentals, data and internet bills, CSM, accounting software and, of course, advertising all took a bite out of what I was earning. So, to help make ends meet and provide …

The Accidental Tech Nerd

I didn't mean to become a tech nerd, it just sorta happened. Business survival steered me into the nerdgasmic world of cloud computing, apps, smartphones, Android and development.

Six months ago I didn't know what a snapdragon 805 processor was, or how to organize my life and my business completely on "the cloud", or the detailed differences between iOS and Android (or even the differences between different versions of each operating system).

Now, I know how a smartphone powers 1080p screens, and what a pure "vanilla" Android experience is compared to a "bloated" and "skinned" one. I know that iOS8 and the iPhone 6 were released today (September 9 2014) and that everybody is waiting for Google to release the Nexus 6 and the new Android L system. I know how to clip things from sites and store them in the cloud immediately, and how to work on docs simultaneously with my development team overseas from my Google Drive. Why do I know all thi…