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The Time I Spent At Sea

Back in the day, before I went to Russia (but after I had returned from Korea), I worked in Port Hardy, BC as a Port Supervisor of Fishery Monitoring Programs. It sounds like a mouthful, and it is, but basically I worked for an outfit contracted out to the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) to monitor the commercial fishing fleet.

The job was incredibly complicated and had moments of high stress, but life in Port Hardy was fantastic. You can read about it here at my old Mission to Moscow post
When I came back from Russia, it was partly because I had the opportunity to work in the same field, for the same department, back in beautiful British Columbia. This time, however, I wasn't a supervisor and was simply a peon, exactly where I like to be (I hate being management). More interestingly, though, I was going to be an At-Sea Observer!

While my pre-Russia job was land-based, my post-Russia job was boat-based. I was to go out on fishing trawlers and shrimpers and moni…

A Date In Toronto

A couple of weekends ago Katya and I took a day trip to Toronto. We've both been working very hard this first half of summer and haven't really seen much of each other, so we decided to spend a day together. I took her on a date to the CN Tower and the Toronto waterfront.

We couldn't have chosen a finer day. The weather was a perfect 27 degrees, sunny with only a few puffy white clouds lazing about. Traffic on the 45-minute drive was pleasant, and I got off the Gardiner Expressway and drove us along Lakeshore Blvd, with all the parks and trees and marinas flanked by condos.

We even found cheap parking right under the Rogers Center (formerly the SkyDome). It was only $9 for the whole day, unheard of in this giant city of 6 million people!

Toronto is an awesome city. Many Canadians say they "hate" Toronto but they are just really saying they hate big, crowded metropolis' (metropoli?). I love Toronto.

The past few years have seen Toronto gain dozens of internat…