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Rogers Sucks. Bell Rocks!

Katya and I recently switched our internet and cable provider from Rogers to Bell. I know this may not seem like an exciting topic, but such is the excitement in my life.

Rogers is a staple in the cable industry in Ontario. They've been offering television and internet for decades, and recently were tested by PC Mag and rated as having the fastest internet speeds in North America. Unfortunately, that comes at a price.

We had originally signed up for Rogers back in October when a sales associate at a Rogers store in Stone Road Mall called us over while we were walking by. He offered us 80 GB of internet and 200 channels on a NextBox HD PVR with no install fee for $102 per month. We decided "Sure, let's do it".

The internet was blazing fast, but it went down quite a bit. Roger's uses taps in a main line, with each "tap" going off to the individual house. This means that all the data that travels down the main line is shared with every house and/or user c…

2014 Ontario Elections

Today is election day in Ontario. While there are at least half-a-dozen parties vying for votes, only 4 of them are serious contenders (and of those, only 3 have a shot at winning). As people go to the polls today, the three main parties are tied in surveys at 30% each, making it impossible to predict the outcome of the elections.

These are important elections for Ontario. This is the only province to not recover from the 2008 recession. It went from a "have" to a "have-not" province in only 5 years. Its debt has gone from $140 billion in 2003 to $310 billion today. Unemployment remains stubborn at around 7.7%, up from 5.2% ten years ago. Its Liberal government has been caught in scandal after scandal, wasting more than $5 billion of taxpayer's money in the past several years.

Ontario used to be the richest, most populous and most successful province in Canada, and led North America for job creation, economic growth and education. Its government had more money…

Why Ontario?

When I finished Mission To Moscow I was in the middle of returning to Canada and choosing the best place to live. My choices were between Nova Scotia and British Columbia. Because I couldn't decide which was a better place to put down roots, I tried them both out.

Nova Scotia was sub-par. Poverty, a lack of jobs, high taxes and really poor infrastructure drove me out of Halifax within 3 months. Victoria, in BC, was much better; the opposite end of the spectrum, to be exact. Great infrastructure and many wealthy people, but housing was unaffordable and there were a lack of jobs, particularly for Katya.

So we struck out for Ontario, and haven't looked back.

Why Ontario?

Because it's the best province in Canada. I've visited all of them and lived in four of them, and Ontario always stands out as the best one. It has world-class cities and quaint little historic villages. Four of the five Great Lakes offer sandy beaches and cool waters. Vast forests and thousands of river…